why is gold valuable for trade?

Gold has always been popular around the world.

Why is gold so valuable?


Because gold has a high chemical stability and is difficult to react with other substances, there is no need to be concerned about oxidative discoloration.

Pure gold is the best electroplating material because of its high chemical resistance and electrical conductivity.


Prior to the nineteenth century, human society’s gold productivity was extremely low.

According to some studies, humanity produced less than 10,000 tons of gold in the thousands of years preceding the 19th century, with only 200 tons produced in 100 years in the 18th century gold.

Because of the discovery of many gold resources in the nineteenth century, gold production has greatly improved since then, particularly in the 50 years in the second half of the nineteenth century, when gold production surpassed the total amount of the previous 5,000 years.

The total global gold production in 2013 was approximately 2,770 tons.

Why is gold so valuable?

3、International Monetary

Gold accounts for a sizable portion of various countries’ international reserves.

Gold is widely accepted in many countries, has high convertibility, and has a relatively stable exchange rate.

4、important raw materials

Gold is a vital raw material in electronics, modern communications, aerospace, and other industries.

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