which country is famous for pearls?


China is a significant producer of freshwater pearls.

According to records, China produces approximately 75% of all pearls in the world and approximately 95% of all freshwater pearls in the world.

They are primarily produced in China’s Zhejiang, Suzhou, Jiangxi, Hubei, and Anhui provinces.

Akoya seawater pearls are also produced in China, primarily in the South China Sea, Hepu in Guangxi, Beihai in Guangxi, and Zhanjiang in Guangdong.


In Japan’s Mie, Yumoto, and Ehime prefectures, the main production is Akoya Pearls, which are the same species as Chinese sea pearls.

Because of the selection of strong female oysters, their breeding techniques are superior to those of China, and the majority of them are of high quality and exported worldwide.

3.french polynesia

It is a part of the South Pacific archipelago. Tahiti is the largest island, and it produces more than 95% of the black pearls, so it is also known as Tahitian pearls, which are a type of seawater pearl.

which country is famous for pearls?
Tahitian pearls

4.Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and other South Pacific countries

These coastal countries are rich in South Sea gold pearls and South Sea pearls, which are both types of seawater pearls, due to their unique and excellent location near the South Pacific.

Which pearl is the most valuable?

The quality of pearls in each location varies.

Freshwater pearls have a low value, whereas Tahitian black pearls have a high value among seawater pearls, and some high-quality South Sea gold pearls and Australian white pearls have the same value as black pearls.

Japan’s Akoya sea pearls are the third most valuable. How come they can’t compete with platinum black pearls?

The main reason for this is that the diameter of Japanese akoya sea pearls is relatively small, with 8-9mm being the most popular.

However, whether buying seawater or freshwater pearls, choose those with a round shape, strong luster, few flaws, and relatively good quality to ensure their value.

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