What kind of agate is the most valuable?

Is agate valuable?

Agate is a mineral spar that forms naturally, There are numerous varieties and yields.

Some agates are extremely rare, while others are extremely common.

At the same time, people know very little about agate, and its market trend is unclear.

What kind of agate is the most valuable?

Which agate is the most valuable?

Gobi Agate

Gobi agate is formed after hundreds of millions of years of wind and sand grinding, and the color of Gobi agate is very restrained and thick, with a very smooth surface.

Gobi agate is a very precious natural form that can only be formed, and it is also the first choice for many masters to choose carving.

Brazilian purple chalcedony

There are many different types of agate produced in Brazil, but Brazilian purple chalcedony is the most notable and valuable.

Brazilian purple chalcedony is high-gloss and colorless.

Furthermore, Brazilian purple chalcedony has become a very popular precious agate in recent years, with its raw material price increasing several times.

Turkish blue chalcedony

Blue agate can always give people a very soft and pleasing feeling under normal circumstances, and the blue chalcedony produced in Turkey is very rare, very rare, and the color is also very rich, which can give people a beautiful enjoyment.

India’s aquatic agate

India primarily produces moss agate and white agate, and aquatic agate is a combination of moss agate and white agate.

The aquatic agate will present a painting similar to a landscape flower scroll under the light, which is very beautiful.

Chalcedony of Madagascar

Chalcedony of Madagascar is a stunning agate found on the island of Madagascar.

This agate is in the shape of a pebble and has excellent transparency,It is crystal clear under the light.

Furthermore, Madagascar chalcedony has suet jade characteristics and a high collection value.

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