what does 925 mean on jewelry

The 925 mark is always there on the label of some silver chains when we choose our favorite Bracelet in the jewelry store.

What, therefore, is the significance of 925? What does the 925 on the necklace’s silver mean?

what does 925 mean on jewelry?

The purity of metallic silver contained in silver necklaces is denoted by the number 925.

The label will usually state 925 pure silver. The term “925 pure silver” refers to 925 / 1000 pure silver. So, how did 925 silver come to be? Silver, as a precious metal element, is extremely unstable and easily oxidized.

Furthermore, its texture is very soft and easy to wear, making it unable to adapt to increasingly sophisticated process requirements, so people add some stable alloy in silver, so that silver has a certain hardness, luster, and brightness, which is now common 925 pure silver.

what does 925 mean on jewelry

What does the 925 on the silver necklace mean now that you know?

There are several types of 925 silver, including 925 silver plated with platinum, 925 silver highly polished, and 925 silver (plain silver).

In comparison to 925 silver necklaces, which oxidize and turn black easily, a platinum necklace made of precious metal will be far superior. Platinum has long-lasting properties, is resistant to corrosion, and has a natural luster.

The price of a platinum necklace, on the other hand, is slightly higher than that of a silver necklace. If you have a good financial foundation, you can choose a platinum necklace.

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