What do you mean by diamond cut?

Diamond cutting is the precise cutting of an original diamond into finished diamonds of various shapes based on the original diamond’s shape.

Round diamonds, also known as round bright cutting, are the most popular diamond cutting shape among consumers.

To cut and grind a diamond raw stone into a finished diamond, the following steps are usually required: marking and scribing, dividing the raw stone, rounding and shaping, and polishing.

Each dazzling light diamond goes through these complex steps to precisely calculate the position, angle, and size of each petal surface generated by the diamond, allowing the diamond to play the largest and brightest light.

Diamond cutting is one of the 4C standards for determining diamond quality and value. Diamond cutting has a large impact on diamonds.

What do you mean by diamond cut?

Does a diamond’s cut affect diamond quality?

The quality of diamond cutting has a significant impact on diamond fire color.

Cutting proportion, polishing, and symmetry are the three most closely related aspects of diamond cutting.

Diamond cutting determines diamond reflection and refraction. Polishing describes the surface smoothness of diamonds, which has a direct impact on their optical effect. The impact of symmetry is related to whether or not the light entering the diamond is biased.

These three factors are all related to diamond cutting and have an impact on the brilliance of diamond fire color.

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