What color is natural agate?

Natural agate comes in what colors? There are many colors of natural agate, and dyed agates on the market are also faked based on all of the natural agate colors.

What color is natural agate?

  1. Red agate: Red is a main color of agate. Generally, agate is maroon, sauce red and yellow-red.
  2. Blue agate: mainly light blue, the transparency will be poor when the color is darker, and sometimes other brightly colored bands are distributed in the blue agate.
  3. Green agate: There are few natural ones, high-quality ones are even rarer, and the price is relatively high.
  4. Purple agate: Purple agate is also extremely rare, and the purple is deep and shallow, among which grape stones are the most. This kind of agate has a rough texture and is often translucent.
  5. Black agate: mainly black, with a slight cyan or gray, mostly translucent.
  6. White agate: It is milky white or light gray, often forming concentric stripes and strips with colorless transparent agate. There is often a quartz interlayer in the middle.
  7. Gray agate: dark gray, light gray or cyan, and some have inconspicuous concentric strips, often with quartz interlayers inside.
  8. Yellow agate: generally light yellow, orange, brown or light yellow, sometimes with pink, light pink, light red. Pale grey agate interlayers form beautiful streaks.

The best color of natural agate

The best natural agates come in colors such as red, blue, purple and pink.

These colors of agate require high transparency, no impurities and no cracks.

The best natural agates weigh 4.5 kg or more.

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