The history of diamonds

India was the first place where diamonds were discovered. From 800 BC to the 18th century, India was the world’s sole source of diamonds.

Many famous diamonds were discovered in India, including the Sea of Light Diamond, the Mountain of Light Diamond, the Oriental Star Diamond, the Hope Star Diamond, and the Prince Regent Diamonds, among others.

Brazil was the second country to discover diamonds after India.

The first diamond placer deposits were discovered in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1725, but they were depleted within ten years.

Since then, a number of diamond-producing areas in Brazil have been discovered, but they are mostly poor sedimentary placer deposits.

The original diamond mines were discovered in 1968, and after years of mining, production has now ceased. The most well-known of these is the Museyev red diamond, which was discovered in 1960 and is extremely valuable.

Diamonds were discovered in South Africa in 1867, following the discovery of diamonds in Brazil.

The first discovered diamond is known as the Iriga diamond, which means “found” in the local language. Following that, the South African Star diamond was discovered, igniting a historic diamond storm, and South Africa went on a diamond-hunting frenzy.

Cullinan diamonds, Tiffany diamonds, Centennial diamonds, Golden Celebration diamonds, Victoria diamonds, De Beers diamonds, Moon diamonds, and Red Cross diamonds are all well-known South African diamonds.

De Beers, the world’s largest diamond giant, was founded in South Africa precisely because of the large amount of diamonds discovered (with particularly large reserves), and it still controls 60% of the diamond market.

The history of diamonds

Aside from diamonds produced in South Africa, many other African countries produce diamonds. Diamonds were discovered in other African countries after the nineteenth century.

Botswana discovered sporadic diamonds in the early days, but it wasn’t until the Orapa tube was discovered in 1967 that its diamond production value ranked among the highest in the world.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola are also significant diamond producers, but their political situations are volatile, and their production is highly volatile.

However, many people still go there to try their luck. Since 1908, Namibia has been mining beach sand mines. Its diamonds are located right on the coast. They are very simple to mine and of excellent quality. 90% of them are diamonds of gem quality.

Africa and Central Africa, as well as Guinea, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Ghana, and Liberia, produce diamonds.

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