red rutilated quartz benefits

  1. Red rutilated quartz has the ability to alter female physiology, calm emotions, enhance facial beauty, and enhance endocrine function. The red hair crystal represents the joy of youth, which is full of vigor and zeal. In particular for female hormone problems, it has a considerable impact on restoring emotional energy or encouraging or regulating the secretion of female hormones. It is more beneficial for females’ blood circulation and metabolism.
  2. Boost feminine vigor, allure, and affinity while promoting endocrine and blood flow. Because it has the ability to heal women’s illnesses, as well as weakness, low blood pressure, dull skin, fragility, and sensitivity. It can also treat menstruation discomfort, reconcile qi and blood, coldness, infertility, menopausal weakness, and more.
  3. Red rutilated quartz boosts self-belief, confidence, and resolve, which is sufficient to give bravery to accomplish seemingly unattainable undertakings. It is appropriate for those who are timid, cowardly, and lacking in self-assurance.
  4. Red rutilated quartz is good for persons with poor energy and sleep deprivation since it has a stimulating effect on the body. People who have red rutilated quartz report having better focus.
red rutilated quartz benefits

How to identify red rutilated quartz ?

  1. Hand sensation: Even in the sweltering summer, the natural crystal’s surface will feel icy and refreshing to the touch. Fake crystal has no chilly sensation.
  2. Lighting: Natural crystal is placed vertically under the sunlight, no matter from which angle it is viewed, it can give off a beautiful brilliance. Fake crystals cannot.
  3. Hardness: The hardness of natural crystal is high, and you can gently scratch the jewelry with gravel without leaving traces; if there are traces, it is fake crystal.
  4. Check with a polarizer: Turn 360 degrees under the polarizer, the natural crystal has four bright and four dark changes, and the fake crystal does not change.
  5. Check with a magnifying glass: Check with a ten times magnifying glass under transmitted light, and those who can find bubbles can basically be regarded as fake red rutilated quartz.

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