pearl powder function

What are the benefits of pearl powder?

Pearl powder contains more amino acids and taurine, which has a positive cosmetic effect when applied externally.

A little pearl powder has a good coagulation effect when local tissue skin is damaged.

Furthermore, pearl powder can inhibit the production of melanin and free radicals in the body, keeping the skin smooth and white.

Pearl powder has a high medicinal value as well. Oral pearl powder can also boost immunity, supplement calcium, keep you young forever, delay aging, improve sleep quality, and nourish your liver and eyesight.

At the same time, pearl powder can aid in blood pressure reduction.

External use can result in whitening, oil control, acne removal, freckle reduction, and scar removal.

It is also suggested that you make a facial mask with pearl powder to whiten your skin. Oral pearl powder also has a calming effect on nerves and nerves.

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