how to take care of gold plated jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry is popular since it’s not only affordable but also has the ability to change our identity through jewelry.

They certainly appear lovely, but they require a lot of upkeep because they are so delicate.

However, not everyone is aware of how to care for gold-plated jewelry. Let’s now discuss how to care for gold-plated jewelry!

how to take care of gold plated jewelry?

1.avoid friction

As we are all aware, gold-plated jewelry refers to another metal surface that has had a layer of gold applied.

It frequently changes in style and has a lovely appearance.

As a result, we should make an effort in our daily lives to prevent rubbing with other valuable metals and wearing away the surface because doing so will lead it to lose its original light.

2.avoid contact with acid-base substances

If you are familiar with the care and upkeep of gold and silver jewelry, you are probably aware that you should store your jewelry in a designated jewelry box when cleaning the house or taking a bath.

If alkaline materials, such as soapy water and detergent, come into direct contact with gold-plated jewelry, the original brilliance is easily lost.


3.avoid bumping and pulling

Gold-plated jewelry has a relatively low gold content, which results in a low level of toughness.

It is simple to collide with and be severed if you continue to wear it while performing housekeeping.

4.regular cleaning

Gold-plated jewelry requires routine cleaning in order to preserve its original shine and brightness, which is similar to the care of other gold and silver jewelry.

How should gold-plated jewelry be cared for?

The most crucial step in cleaning is to immerse it in alcohol for a short period of time, let the alcohol and perspiration to evaporate together, and then wash and dry the item with clean water.

5.Daily attention

In daily life, please avoid placing gold-plated jewelry under high temperature, because this will easily lead to its deformation.

In addition, avoid allowing gold-plated jewelry to rub against metal and come into contact with acid and alkaline chemicals.

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