How to Judge the Value of Pearls?

1.The color of pearls is a reference factor for pearl value.

The larger and rounder the pearls, the fewer flaws, and the stronger the luster for the same variety of pearls, the more expensive the pearls will be.

2.When purchasing pearls, consider not only the color, but also the variety, shape, luster, smoothness, size, and nacre of the pearl.

3.South Sea pearls are predominantly white and gold in color. However, white pearls are not more expensive than black pearls. Because white pearls can be either South Sea pearls, AKoya pearls, or freshwater pearls.

4.The mysterious black color of Tahitian black pearl is well known.

Tahitian black pearls are known as the queen of pearls, indicating that black pearls are of high quality and price.

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