How to Identify Original vs Fake Silver Jewellery

There are five ways to judge real and fake silver jewelry

1、Hardness test

It is common that silver is mixed with aluminum components, and the surface of the jewelry is scratched with a hard object.

If the scratches are shallow, it is a silver jewelry, otherwise it may be an aluminum product.

2、Marking of silver content

The silver content of silver jewelry must be accurately marked. When purchasing, you should check whether there is a mark on the purity of the jewelry.

If there is no mark on the jewelry, it can basically be judged that it is an ordinary metal.

How to Identify Original vs Fake Silver Jewellery

3、Weight comparison

The density of sterling silver is 10.53 grams/cubic centimeter, while the density of aluminum is only 2.7 grams/cubic centimeter. The density of silver is higher than that of common metals, and the volume is smaller.

The copper jewelry has a sharp sound when it falls, and the weight of aluminum is much lighter than that of silver, so it is easy to identify.

4、Whether the price is lower than the market price

Usually pay more attention to the price of silver in the market.

If it is too much lower than the market price, it is possible that the purity of silver jewelry is not high or it is fake.

5、Chemical verification

The silver jewelry is ground on the touchstone to make the silver path, and it is smeared with silver medicine. The more silver medicine is hung, the higher the fineness is, the less silver medicine is, the lower the fineness, and the fake one does not hang silver medicine.

Silver will change color and even dissolve when it encounters any acid. Drop nitric acid or concentrated hydrochloric acid on silver jewelry, those with high fineness will be beige or greenish.

6、Color contrast

Look at the color of the silver jewelry! The higher the purity of silver, the whiter it will appear, the color will be fine, uniform, bright and polished.

If it contains more aluminum, it will appear grayer and less glossy.

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