how to identify agates?

Agate is very colorful, most likely green, red, yellow, brown, white.

Agate comes in a variety of shapes, including grape, nodular, and concentric circles.

Agate has a flat and smooth surface. Although natural agate has a very beautiful and varied pattern, the color of natural agate is mostly dark and does not appear as vibrant as other jewelry.

As a result, people have been dyeing agate since ancient times, and dyeing is the primary method of agate forgery.

How do you identify agates?

How do you identify agates?

1、Observation in bright light

Natural agate can be clearly seen as granular material in the color layer under the light source, while dyed agate cannot.

2、Color uniformity cannot be used as a basis for identification

The color of agate is widely misunderstood.

Many people believe that dyed agate has a consistent color, whereas natural agate has an uneven color. This is in fact incorrect.

Because of the density of agate, dyeing on agate with visible veins is difficult, and the dyed color will be uneven.

As a result, agate with uneven color cannot be considered natural.

3、Feel the temperature difference

Natural agate and fake agate can be distinguished by temperature.

Natural agate is warm in winter and cool in summer, while fake agate will change with the outside temperature.

There is another point we must tell you. You must identify the agate when you buy it, because dyed agate is sure to lose color, and those pigments are harmful to human skin.

4、Examine the cross-section to see if there is a concentric laminar structure.

The most significant difference between natural agate and counterfeit products is whether there is a concentrically laminated structure in the cross-section.

This is obvious in the whole agate and is easy to identify.

5、 The hardness is different

Natural agate has a very fine and dense texture.

Natural agate has a harder hardness than Morse Grade 7, and it cannot be carved with a knife, according to the experiment.

False agate has a lower hardness than Morse grade 5 and can be carved with a knife.

6、 Transparency is different

Natural agate’s transparency is inferior to that of synthetic agate.

Some people can see natural water lines or “clouds,” while synthetic agate has the same transparency as a glass ball.

7、 The weight is different

Natural agate jewelry weighs more than synthetic agate jewelry.


These methods cannot be used in isolation, they must all bear witness to one another in order to accurately judge the authenticity of agate.

Although some fake agates have the same texture and color as natural agates, they have no economic value.

As a result, buyers who want to buy agate must polish their eyes and distinguish carefully.

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