How to clean diamonds?

The color of diamond jewelry will fade over time,The jewelry will no longer be as bright and beautiful as it once was.

It is necessary to know how to clean diamonds in order to keep their color. Learn how to clean diamond jewelry so that your diamond can shine forever.

Diamonds have a high lipophilicity. When wearing them, try to avoid getting oil stains.

How to clean diamonds?

When you wear jewelry, the oil remains on the diamonds, causing the luster to fade.

In the case of oil, use a cleaning agent or an ultrasonic wave to clean them. To avoid falling off of the broken drill, jewelry with a small broken drill should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic wave.

How to clean diamond jewelry?

1.Detergent cleaning: fill the container with warm water, add neutral detergent, soak the diamond jewelry for 10-15 minutes, gently brush it with a toothbrush, rinse with clean water, and dry it.

Remember, do not wash directly under the tap, if the diamond falls into the sewer, you will be sorry.

2.Coldwater cleaning: soak the diamond in a solution of 50% household ammonia water and 50% cold water for 30 minutes, then brush it with a toothbrush, remove it, and suck up the water.

3.Quick cleaning: Purchase a Diamond cleaning solution from a jewelry store and clean the diamond jewelry according to the instructions.

4.Professional cleaning: every 2-3 months, take the diamond jewelry to a professional jewelry store for maintenance, which includes cleaning, refurbishing, and checking to see if the diamond is loose.

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