how long does it take for gold to form naturally?

Gold will take at least hundreds of millions of years to form.

When the earth formed 4.5 billion years ago, it was a massive fireball with extremely high temperatures. Many of the universe’s small celestial bodies contained metal elements and gold.

When they collided with the earth, the meteorite melted and the gold was left behind. Because gold has a high density, it sinks to the earth’s core, so all gold mines are now underground.

The formation process of gold

The distribution of gold is formed in the long-term evolution of the earth.

The gold abundance of the crust formed in the early stage of the earth’s development is relatively high, so it represents the Archean greenstone belt composed of the early residual crust, especially the mafic and ultramafic volcanic rock association.

The gold abundance value is higher than various rocks in the crust, which may become the earliest “source bed” of the gold deposit.

The earth’s gold treasures are stored underground in two main forms: rock gold and alluvial gold.

Rock gold is formed by the movement of celestial bodies, the formation of the earth, volcanic eruptions, ancient orogeny, magma eruptions, and gold elements being entrained and ejected from the core of the earth.

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