hardness of zircon

Zircon has a hardness range of 6 to 7.5.

Zircon is a silicate product with an inverted structure that releases crystals, with zirconium silicate as the main component.

Colorless zircon is cut like a diamond and is frequently used in place of diamonds.

hardness of zircon

chemical composition of zircon

Zircon’s chemical properties are extremely stable.

Zircon has the chemical formula Zr[SiO4], and the crystal belongs to the island-like structure silicate mineral of the tetragonal system.

The crystals are short columns, usually tetragonal columns, tetragonal bipyramids or complex tetragonal bipyramids.

What are the colors of Zircon?

Zircon can be colorless, purple, golden yellow, light yellow, garnet, olive green, champagne, pink, purple blue, apple green, and so on.

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