Diamond color and clarity grade comparison table

What is the gia clarity scale?

The GIA clarity grading standards are classified into six categories and eleven grades.

Inclusions can affect any grade of diamond, whereas surface flaws typically affect only the top two grades.

Classification of diamond clarity grades and a comparison

Diamond clarity refers to the cleanliness of a diamond’s interior, and in some cases, the diamond’s surface characteristics are also taken into account.

In the laboratory, diamond clarity grades are assigned based on the size, number, location, characteristics, color, and profile of the diamond’s internal and external characteristics.

Diamond clarity grades are classified into the six categories listed below, for a total of 11 grades (from highest to lowest).

What is the gia clarity scale?

FL grade: diamonds without any inclusions or surface features (less frequent)

IF grade: no visible inclusions inside the diamond

VVS1 / VVS2: diamonds with very tiny inclusions inside, which are difficult to observe even by professional appraisers

VS1 / VS2: tiny inclusions are visible inside the diamond

SI1 / SI2: diamonds with visible inclusions

I1 / I2 / I3: the diamond has visible inclusions and may affect the transparency and brilliance of the diamond

What is the gia color scale?

What is the gia color scale?

Table of diamond color grade classification and comparison

The hue intensity of the common colorless diamond is crucial in determining its color grade. Diamond color grades begin with the letter D (for colorless) and progress through the color scale to the letter Z.

The lower the grade, the more intense the yellow tones of the color band (for light yellow, light brown or light gray). Each letter grade has a distinct color range.

What is the gia color scale?

Colorless (D-F): the most valuable because it is rare

Near colorless (G-J): A color that is difficult to detect by anyone other than trained graders

Slightly yellow (K-M): a color that is still difficult to see by untrained people

Very pale yellow (N-R): A faint color that can be seen by the untrained eye in larger diamonds

Light yellow (S-Z): A color that can be seen in diamonds of all sizes.

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