The role of gemstones on EMF health

The role of gemstones on EMF health

Recently, I was asked about the properties of Hematite regarding EMF health. Now, I’d like to share with you some other gemstones that I personally recommend for EMF protection. First, let’s talk about what exactly EMF is. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. According to the World Health Organization, “Electromagnetic radiation has been around since the … Read more

What gemstones can help fight against breast cancer?

What gemstones can help fight against breast cancer

Recently, I was asked to provide recommendations for gemstones that have the most healing properties specifically for breast cancer. The first one that came to mind was Rose Quartz. This particular gemstone is known for its ability to enhance self-love and prompt internal healing, providing comfort and strength during difficult times. However, in addition to … Read more

how to make jewelry

how to make jewelry

1. Identify customer needs Jewelry design generally begins with hand-painted drawings. Later, the design team will continue to refine and adjust based on this. 2. Scanning gems For customized customers, we need to scan the gem first to obtain accurate size, facet distribution, and 3D structure data. Designers can easily call the model in the … Read more

how to clean jewelry ?

how to clean jewelry

How to clean jewelry manually ?Precautions for manual cleaning of jewelry Please prepare cleaning solution, towel and toothbrush. (1) A soft cloth and towel on the working face are required. The goal is to keep gem materials from rolling and bouncing around. The sink with slot holes is not permitted. (2) Ammonia, acid, alcohol, and … Read more

What jewelry can you wear in the shower?

What jewelry should I avoid wearing in the shower? Wearing jewelry in the shower can be a tricky subject. Many people will inquire, “Can I shower while wearing gold jewelry?” Can I shower while wearing stainless steel jewelry? Is it permissible to wear sterling silver jewelry in the shower? And there are many more questions. … Read more