Can silver plated jewelry go in the shower?

You can take a bath with silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry can touch water. Pure water will not react with silver, but sea water or other chemicals are prone to chemical reactions. You can’t wear silver jewelry to soak in hot springs, because sulfide in hot springs will react with silver and turn black. Therefore, do not use silver jewelry in complex water environment.

Can silver plated jewelry go in the shower

Why does silver jewelry turn black?

Silver is an unstable element, which is easy to react with sulfur, leading to blackening. Human sweat contains a lot of sulfur, which will react with silver jewelry. If a person is in a polluted environment, when there are more acidic gases, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide and other compounds in the air, the silver ornaments will turn black. Moreover, the discoloration of silver ornaments may also be caused by a serious shortage of ingredients.
Even if the above conditions are excluded, under normal circumstances, the surface of silver jewelry will be oxidized after wearing for about half a year, and the color will become dim and lose luster.

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